Bordeaux Graph Workshop
Bordeaux, November 19-22, 2014.
Enseirb-Matmeca - 1 Avenue du Docteur Albert Schweitzer, 33600 Talence
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BGW 2014 is the third edition of Bordeaux Graph Workshop.
Organized by the "Graphs and Applications" group.

List of accepted papers

Bruno Courcelle. Rank-width for countable graphs and compactness
Nazanin Movarraei and Pascal Ochem. On oriented and 2-edge colored graphs
Julia Ehrenmüller and Juanjo Rué. Spanning trees in random series-parallel graphs
Li-Da Tong. Automorphisms of Neighborhood Sequence of a Graph
Toru Hasunuma. Colorings of iterated subdivided-line graphs
Kristiana Wijaya, Edy Tri Baskoro, Hilda Assiyatun and Djoko Suprijanto. The Complete List of Ramsey $(2K_2,K_4)-$Minimal Graphs
Eckhard Steffen. Circular flow numbers of (signed) regular graphs
Isma Bouchemakh, Ibrahim Boufelgha and Meriem Moulay. Broadcasts in Complementary Prisms
Robert Scheidweiler and Eberhard Triesch. The duality between matchings and vertex covers in balanced hypergraphs
Israel Rocha, Vilmar Trevisan and Steve Kirkland. Algebraic connectivity of k-connected graphs
Margit Voigt. List colorings of planar graphs
Nicolas Lichiardopol. Proof of a conjecture of Henning and Yeo on vertex-disjoint directed cycles
Arnfried Kemnitz and Massimiliano Marangio. Total colorings of cartesian products of graphs
Guilherme D. Da Fonseca, Bernard Ries and Diana Sasaki. Perfect weight matchings versus maximum weight matchings: the ratio $\eta$ for some graph classes
Nicolas Bousquet, Aurélie Lagoutte, Zhentao Li, Aline Parreau and Stéphan Thomassé. Identifying codes and VC-dimension
Pierre Charbit, Lucas Hosseini and Patrice Ossona De Mendez. Random Free Limits of Tree-Semilattices
Edita Macajova, Andre Raspaud and Martin Skoviera. The chromatic number of a signed graph
Olivier Hudry. On the Number of Optimal Identifying Codes in Twin-Free Graphs
Ingo Schiermeyer. Chromatic number of $P_5$-free graphs: Reed's conjecture
Gabor Wiener. Leaf-critic graphs
Kyle Yang and Carl Yerger. Steinberg's Conjecture, the Bordeaux Coloring Conjecture and Near-Coloring
Cyriac Grigorious, Mirka Miller, Bharati Rajan and Sudeep Stephen. On the Partition Dimension of Circulant Graphs
Irena Penev. Perfect graphs with no balanced skew-partition are 2-clique-colorable
Hervé Hocquard, Samia Kerdjoudj and André Raspaud. Incidence coloring of graphs with high maximum average degree
Rouzbeh Touserkani. Generation and Propagation in Graphs
Jakub Przybyło. Neighbour distinguishing colourings of graphs
Jarosław Grytczuk, Konstanty Junosza-Szaniawski, Joanna Sokół and Krzysztof Wêsek. Fractional and j-fold colouring of the plane
Martin Koutecky. Two Domination Problems Parameterized by Neighborhood Diversity
Debra Boutin. The Cost of 2-Distinguishing Graphs
Torsten Mütze. Proof of the middle levels conjecture
Clément Charpentier. 2-distance coloring of not-so-sparse graphs
Julien Bensmail and Brett Stevens. Decomposing graphs into locally irregular subgraphs: allowing K2's helps a lot
Simon Schmidt, Sylvain Gravier, Kahina Meslem and Souad Slimani. A New Game Invariant of Graphs : the Game Distinguishing Number
Peter Zeman and Pavel Klavík. Automorphism Groups of Geometrically Represented Graphs
Christopher Duffy, Gary MacGillivray and Andre Raspaud. Oriented Incidence Colouring of Digraphs
Binlong Li and Petr Vrana. Forbidden pairs of disconnected graphs implying hamiltonicity
Barbora Candráková and Robert Luko»ka. Short cycle covers of cubic graphs
Barbora Candráková, Robert Luko»ka and Xuding Zhu. A note on non-repetitive colourings
Pavel Dvoøák and Dusan Knop. Parametrized complexity of length-bounded cuts and multi-cuts
Adel Kazemi Piledaraq. Roman k-tuple dominating function on graphs
Jose Gomez and Mirka Miller. Radial bipartite Moore graphs
Stephan Dominique Andres and Andrea Theuser. On the game colouring number of powers of graphs
Shinya Fujita, Gary MacGillivray and Tadashi Sakuma. Safe set problem on graphs
Jaehoon Kim, Alexandr Kostochka and Xuding Zhu. Improper coloring and density of graphs with a given girth
Keno Merckx. Vertex Shelling Polytopes of Split Graphs
Jarek Grytczuk, Karol Kosiñski and Michał Zmarz. Nonrepetitive coloring of geometric graphs
Irene Sciriha. On the Structure of Extremal Singular Graphs
LaÏche Daouya and Bouchemakh Isma. On the packing chromatic number of graphs
Ilkyoo Choi, Jan Ekstein, Pøemysl Holub and Bernard Lidicky. Extending 3-colorings of a cycle to a triangle-free planar graph
Vincent Despré and Francis Lazarus. Splitting cycles in triangulations
Edita Rollova, Michael Schubert and Eckhard Steffen. Signed graphs with two negative edges
Nicolas Gastineau, Olivier Togni and Brice Effantin. On parameterized complexity to determine b-chromatic and partial Grundy numbers
Pavel Klavík and Maria Saumell. Minimal Obstructions for Partial Representations of Interval Graphs
Novi Herawati Bong, Joe Ryan and Mirka Miller. Extremal Graphs of Girth 5
Pøemysl Holub, Zdenìk Ryjáèek, Ingo Schiermeyer and Petr Vrána. Rainbow connection and forbidden induced subgraphs
Jan Arne Telle and Sigve Hortemo Sæther. Between treewidth and cliquewidth
Marcin Kamiñski, Jean-Florent Raymond and Théophile Trunck. Multigraphs without large bonds are wqo by contraction
Misa Nakanishi. A sufficient condition leading to the domination number of a bipartite graph
Mozhgan Pourmoradnasseri and Dirk Oliver Theis. The Rectangle Covering Number of Random Boolean Matrices
Carlos Hoppen, Hanno Lefmann and Knut Odermann. Edge-colorings of graphs avoiding rainbow-triangles
Hanno Lefmann, Carlos Hoppen and Knut Odermann. Edge-colorings of graphs avoiding fixed graphs with given color pattern
Richard Nowakowski, Neil McKay and Angela Siegel. Hereditary-closed games born by day n form a planar lattice
Marthe Bonamy and Hervé Hocquard. Extremal results on the incidence coloring of sparse graphs
Przemysław Wenus and Krzysztof Wêsek. Avoiding repetitions on the plane
Jan Brousek, Premysl Holub, Zdenek Ryjacek and Petr Vrana. Finite families of forbidden subgraphs for rainbow connection in graphs
David Hartman, Jan Hubicka and Jaroslav Nesetril. Towards bounds of relational complexity
Sebastian Czerwiñski, Bartłomiej Bosek, Jarek Grytczuk and Paweł Rążewski. Harmonious Coloring of Hypergraphs
Dominik K. Vu, Fabrício S. Benevides, Dániel Gerbner and Cory Palmer. Searching for defective elements using queries of fixed size
Richard Lang, Maya Stein and Oliver Schaudt. Partitioning 3-edge-coloured complete bipartite graphs into monochromatic cycles
Ararat Harutyunyan, Hakim El Maftouhi and Yannis Manoussakis. Balance in Random Signed Graphs
Elzbieta Sidorowicz. On the unilateral colouring game
Ligang Jin. Cores of cubic graphs: structure and oddness

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