Bordeaux Graph Workshop
Bordeaux, October 28-31, 2019.
Bordeaux University, Talence, France
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BGW 2019 is the fifth edition of Bordeaux Graph Workshop.
Organized by the "Graphs and Optimisation" group.
BGW 2019 Accepted Papers

BGW 2019 Accepted Papers

Bruno Courcelle and Yves Metivier . Graph Unfoldings, Graph Coverings, and Regular Trees
José Juan Carreño, José Antonio Martínez and María Luz Puertas . The domination number of cylindrical graphs
Hoang La, Mickael Montassier, Alexandre Pinlou and Petru Valicov . r-hued coloring of planar graphs with girth at least 8
Carl Johan Casselgren, Jonas Granholm and Andre Raspaud . On star edge colorings of bipartite and subcubic graphs
Florent Foucaud, Hervé Hocquard, Dimitri Lajou, Valia Mitsou and Théo Pierron . Parameterized complexity of edge-coloured and signed graph homomorphisms
Marien Abreu, Jan Goedgebeur, Domenico Labbate and Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo . Colourings of cubic graphs inducing monochromatic subgraphs
Konstantinos Papalamprou . Signed graphs with bicircular matroids
Nikola K. Blanchard and Siargey Kachanovich . A note on the inflating enclosing ball problem
Yasemin Büyükçolak, Didem Gözüpek and Sibel Özkan . Triangle-Free Equimatchable Graphs
Julien Baste, Maximilian Fürst and Dieter Rautenbach . Linear programming based approximation for unweighted induced matchings --- breaking the $\Delta$ barrier
Julien Baste, Maximilian Fürst, Michael Henning, Elena Mohr and Dieter Rautenbach . Domination versus edge domination
Julien Baste, Maximilian Fürst, Michael Henning, Elena Mohr and Dieter Rautenbach . Bounding and approximating minimum maximal matchings in regular graphs
Wouter Cames van Batenburg, Jan Goedgebeur and Gwenaël Joret . Large independent sets in triangle-free subcubic graphs; beyond planarity
Benatallah Mohammed . Edge b-domatic number of a graph
Stefan Ehard, Stefan Glock and Felix Joos . Hypergraph matchings and blow-up lemmas
Herve Kerivin and Annegret Wagler . On superperfection of edge intersection graphs of paths
Diego Gonzalez-Moreno, Mucuy-Kak Guevara and Juan José Montellano-Ballesteros . Monochromatically-connecting colorings of strong digraphs
Shunsuke Nakamura . A new lower bound of the number of contractible edges on longest cycles in a 3-connected graph
Samuel Mohr . On the Circumference of 3-Connected Maximal 1-Planar Graphs
Valentin Bartier and Nicolas Bousquet . Linear transformations between colorings in chordal graphs
Anni Hakanen, Ville Junnila, Tero Laihonen and Maria Luz Puertas . Resolving Sets of Vertices in Flower Snarks
Fabien Jacques, Mickael Montassier and Alexandre Pinlou . The chromatic number and switching chromatic number of 2-edge-colored graphs of bounded degree
Stéphane Bessy and Dieter Rautenbach . Bounds on Broadcast Independence
Arthur Ulmer and Matthias Heinlein . Long $A$-$B$-paths have the edge-Erd\H os-P\'osa property
Carl Johan Casselgren, Jonas Granholm and André Raspaud . A note on (3,1)-choosability of planar graphs
Guillaume Bagan, Alice Joffard and Hamamache Kheddouci . Eternal domination on digraphs and orientations of graphs
Moussa Abdenbi, Alexandre Blondin Massé and Alain Goupil . Induced DAGs with maximal sinks-sources difference
Val Pinciu . On the Minimum Skewness of Certain Classes of Graphs
Keiko Kotani . The existence of a path-factor involving paths of order eleven.
Mariusz Wozniak . Distinguishing vertices of a graph - palettes and automorphisms
Axel Brandt, Nathan Tenpas and Carl Yerger . Planar Graphs with Girth 20 are Additively 3-Choosable
Andres Aranda Lopez . IB- and MB- homogeneous graphs
Etienne Leclerc and Gary MacGillivray . Switching (m,n)-edge-coloured mixed graphs
Kathie Cameron . Trees Containing All the Odd-Degree Vertices
Shunichi Maezawa and Haruhide Matsuda . Berge-Tutte type formula for an $f$-leaf-tree
Laila Loudiki and Mustapha Kchikech . Upper Traceable Number of Circulant and Generalized Petersen Graphs
Jakub Przybyło . The 1-2-3 Conjecture and regular graphs
Mitre Dourado, Lucia Draque Penso and Dieter Rautenbach . Hull number in the convexity of induced paths of order up to $k \geq 3$
Jan Hubička, Matěj Konečný and Jaroslav Nešetřil . Ramsey properties of graphs of girth 2
Gena Hahn . Self contained graphs and twin graph conjectures
Marthe Bonamy, Cyril Gavoille and Michal Pilipczuk . Smaller Induced-Universal Graph for Planar Graphs
Jan Hubička, Matěj Konečný and Jaroslav Nesetril . Extending partial automorphisms
Francesc Comellas . Graph Centralities and Cascading Failures in Networks
Jan Bok, Nikola Jedličková, Pavol Hell and Richard Brewster . List homomorphisms of signed graphs
Jan Bok, Pavol Hell and Nikola Jedličková . Extending Partial Orderings of Adjusted Interval Digraphs
Jørgen Bang-Jensen, Thomas Bellitto and Anders Yeo . Connecting edge-colouring
Alexandre Blanché, Paul Ouvrard, Haruka Mizuta and Akira Suzuki . Optimizing dominating sets under constrained transformation
Camino Balbuena, Cristina Dalfó and Berenice Martinez Barona . On identifying codes in line digraphs
Olivier Togni, Bostjan Bresar and Nicolas Gastineau . Packing colorings of subcubic outerplanar graphs
Camino Balbuena, Cristina Dalfó and Berenice Martinez Barona . Characterizing identifying codes from the spectrum of a graph or digraph
Mária Maceková, Francois Dross, Borut Lužar and Roman Soták . Medial graphs of bipartite plane graphs are 3-choosable
Laurent Beaudou, Richard Brewster, Florent Foucaud and Bohdana Mitchell . Bounding the broadcast domination number by the multipacking number
Jan Arne Telle, Svein Høgemo and Erlend Raa Vågset . Linear MIM-Width of Trees
Jonathan Narboni and František Kardoš . On the Four Color Theorem for signed graphs
Steven Chaplick, Fedor Fomin, Petr Golovach, Dušan Knop and Peter Zeman . Kernelization of Graph Hamiltonicity: Proper H-Graphs
Stratis Limnios, Christophe Paul, Joanny Perret and Dimitrios Thilikos . Edge Degeneracy: Algorithmic and Structural Results
Théo Pierron . A Brooks-like result for graph powers
Alexandre Talon and Silvère Gangloff . Asymptotic growth rate of square grids dominating sets: a symbolic dynamics approach
Robert Lukoťka and Jakub Tětek . A 3-edge-coloring algorithm
Csilla Bujtás and Zsolt Tuza . Partition-crossing hypergraphs
Marthe Bonamy, Paul Ouvrard, Mikaël Rabie, Jukka Suomela and Jara Uitto . Distributed recoloring on trees
Victor Chepoi, Kolja Knauer and Manon Philibert . Two-dimensional partial cubes
Nikola K. Blanchard and Siargey Kachanovich . Counting authorised paths in constrained control-flow graphs
Stephan Dominique Andres, François Dross, Melissa Huggan, Fionn Mc Inerney and Richard J. Nowakowski . The Orthogonal Colouring Game
Ken-Ichi Kawarabayashi, Bojan Mohar, Roman Nedela and Peter Zeman . Automorphism groups of planar and nonplanar maps in linear time
Ez-Zobair Bidine and Mustapha Kchikech . Triangle-free graphs with large packing chromatic number
Tomáš Masařík, Irene Muzi, Marcin Pilipczuk, Paweł Rzążewski and Manuel Sorge . Packing Directed Circuits Quarter-Integrally
Konrad Dabrowski, Tomáš Masařík, Jana Novotná, Daniël Paulusma and Paweł Rzążewski . Harnessing the power of atoms
Ben Seamone . Fractional eternal domination